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The Linnegan Clan was set up by Pat and Ian Linnegan (ex Conwy - North Wales, Lusaka - Zambia and Smiths Parish - Bermuda) they currently live in Ilkley West Yorkshire, with their two children Amy 'C' and Peter 'S'.

Recent Stuff


Ilkley Linnegan's Lanzarotte in 2012



Ben and Vicky got married in April - a bit snowy on the day!

This is a closer view of the first three on the left
nearly the right order!

What's new in 2013?

Ian - just before the 62 milestone!

Pete is in his first year at Clare College in Cambridge and Amy on her last year at Manchester Uni - how time flies! Amy is into Rugby - not watching DOING and is in this year's women's university final!

Pete's into Xbox and gaming when not studying - current favorite is Halo 4 and messing about with Flash - here some examples of some of his newer creations!!

Check out this page!

Check out his earlier creations (for a laugh) - click on Supermen and its sequel Supermen 2. See also Devil's Eye (a Sam and Pete creation developed on Time Off - our boat - in Ipswich)

Our boat is now berthed at Ipswich Haven Marina (check it out it's a great place to go sailing) and if you need more details, it's on the map link.

Pete Yates Party

PY one of Ian's UK sailing buddies joined him on one of his rare party events and the Ilkley element of the Linnegan family trundled down to Suffolk for the occasion. Rumour has it he was determined to keep a very low profile - this was the best we could get! Picture right below - behind the girls!

Pete Jnr having fun at Brimham Rocks


Pete peeking .... behind Pam and Pat ..

just a wee sail with the whole team - helmed by Pete Jnr! with the elusive PY
hiding behind Grandma Greenwood's hat and glasses!

Bunk Barning in Scarborough!

This is a dip into the past - with some of the photos to remind us of a great weekend.

Click here to see
some big photos.

Please email the webmaster with any events past and present, linked to the Linnegan's.

We hope to develop some new pages in 2013 - some from Scotland and Australia (perhaps) and develop an archive for photos taken by friends and colleagues from Zambia and Bermuda (Hash House Harriers and sailing - 505s, Hobies J24s etc.)

If you discovered the site and wish to make/renew contact, please include some photos of shared events which includes the Linnegan's and their friends - please email across and add some text - including the names of the people involved! Ian will post them on the site for others to share!

Note: If you are sending files, please include the words - Wales, Bermuda, Zambia in the subject line - otherwise spam filters may delete the message.

Have a GREAT year in 2013 and get in touch.
Tel UK MOB 07973 330324 to speak to Ian.
He's on Skype: ianlinnegan

his business website is here take a look


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We hope other members of the clan will start to develop their own home page!

We are also working on make MSN Messenger Board Service available to users of the site - we will keep you posted!

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