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A number of Bermuda companies have been increasing their competitive edge by putting additional emphasis on staff development. Please take a few moments to review the following questions;

1. Your company believes well-trained, qualified staff are better motivated and more productive.

2. Your company believes a methodical, structured and carefully monitored approach to training works best.

3. Running a balanced, well organized training program, which is fair to all staff, requires considerable input of management time.

If your company agrees, in principal, with the above statements, but has neither enough time or does not have the skilled manpower to provide this type of service to staff, then, through outsourcing, Transitions can help you achieve many of your training and development objectives. This can range from the provision of a full independent training audit to review current practice and assess your company's future training needs to selecting a suitable training course(s) for staff from our extensive list shown below

Team Building
Decision Making
Time Management
Adventures in Attitudes
Assertiveness Training
Action Centred Leadership
Goals and Objectives Setting
Financial Accounting - Basic Workshop
Budgetary Control, Planning and Forecasting
Computer Orientation Workshop - Focus on Microsoft Products
Internet Orientation Courses - See Special Feature Below
Insurance/Captives Orientation Workshop
Training Staff - One to One and Group Basis
Effective Presentation Skills
Interpersonnel Skills Training
Conflict Resolution
Executive Coaching
Selling with Style
Stress Mastery

Note: This extensive list can form the basis of a wide range of in-house training programmes. Each course can be further refined to meet specified training objectives.


Fees range from $75 - $150 per hour. The actual fee structure will be agreed individually for each client, based on type of services selected. This can range from;

* a fixed annual flat fee (for regular monthly outsource services)
* hourly tutoring rates
* specific rates for project management work.

NOTE: for seminar management services, special rates are quoted

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