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IAN LINNEGAN has ten years experience in the financial services sector, his skills include the quantitative and computer aspects of the HRD process.

Prior to joining Transitions International, he was Director of the Bermuda Insurance Institute and was responsible for the design and delivery of a wide range of training programs, including insurance, risk management, computer and accounting orientation courses. In London, he was Director of the Chartered Insurance Institute's Management and Supervisory Training Programmes. He is a qualified teacher in adult education and has taught on a wide variety of IT related courses.

His Qualifications Include; BA (Hons) Degree Business Administration, Postgraduate Certificate of Education (College level) and Associate Member of Chartered Insurance Institute. He is a Member of UK Institute of Personnel and Development. He has conducted insurance and management development seminars in London and New York and has provided consulting and training programs in Africa and the Caribbean.


STUART DOYLE has been a professional trainer and speaker for fourteen years. A former U.S. Army officer, corporate marketing and training manager, and hotel owner he brings a vast and practical knowledge base to his audiences. Specializing in building high performance teams and the "human side of quality", he lectures and conducts seminars in the U.S.A., Canada, United Kingdom and his home, Bermuda. He is also a course leader for the American Management Association, the Bermuda Employers Council and the Bermuda Insurance Institute.

DURING THE PAST THREE YEARS he has worked on large scale training projects for Hyatt Resort Hotels (Hawaii), Chrysler Corporation (Canada) and Revlon Corporation (USA). He writes a weekly training oriented column for the Bermuda Sun newspaper and also finds time to act professionally and address convention groups meeting in Bermuda.

An M.B.A. from the University of South Carolina, he strongly believes that for an adult to learn effectively, the attention span must be maintained by a combination of information, participation and humour.


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