Jimmy and Margaret's 50th Wedding Anniversary 1999

Total Harmony

This was a very quiet event - no big crowds arrived on this momentous day, just immediate family and the opening of a few cards and presents. If they were a little disappointed about this non-event they didn't show it. But this is exactly what Ian and Christine (their son and daughter) had planned and it worked a treat! Margaret and Jim were soon off on their Caribbean cruise and probably felt - well that's life! Little did they know .........

They were oblivious to the plan, when a couple of months later on the pretext of attending a christening the biggest meeting of the Linnegan Clan ever assembled took place in Glasgow. It was perfect - well over 120 had gathered and they were totally unprepared. It more than made up for the wedding celebrations they had missed out on over 50 years ago when they were married in Scotland, just after the war. This time there was a video to record the event for ever.






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